Dr Numb

Dr Numb, numbing cream, tattoo numbing cream, Worthing, Sussex, UK

Dr. Numb is truly the pioneer in the Topical Lidocaine Cream industry and a globally recognized brand for its effectiveness. Dr. Numb has a proprietary formulation for fast delivery of active ingredients providing fast absorption, and long lasting effect. For more than a decade, Dr. Numb® has been the most recommended Topical Lidocaine Cream by healthcare professionals, artists and aestheticians.

Dr. Numb has established a significant role in the celebration of Skin Artistry at its best. It is a great addition to the skill, techniques and artistic eye of the tattoo artists and piercers. While it is true that there are still conservative or traditional tattoo artists and piercers who would prefer their clients to take on the needles without any help from anesthetic creams, Body arts have become mainstream that these are no longer exclusive to very few enthusiasts. People see it as an artistic freedom of expression but there is also the simple fact that they would opt in to avoid pain if they were given the option.

We stock 30g tubes for £30 and it’s available for both our customers and the general public so don’t worry if it’s to be used at another local studio, we don’t mind! We just ask that you bring in the correct cash. Thanks.


How to Apply Numbing Cream

  • 2 hours before your appointment exfoliate and wash the area of skin you’re planning to have tattooed and let it dry.
  • First apply a small amount and rub in fully.
  • Secondly apply a thick layer and spread over the area – like icing on a cake.
  • Then wrap fully with cling film.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Try to keep the area covered with the cling film as if it moves out of place the cream may get removed by clothing.
  • Leave it covered until your tattooist is ready, they will remove the cling film and prepare the area to be tattooed.
  • Failure to leave the cream 2 full hours before your tattoo may result in reduced effectiveness.