Hopefully, most of your questions have been answered around the website already but there are always going to be a few things which need clearing up. This list is a ‘work in progress’ so please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    Obviously, this is a hard one to answer without discussing your ideas further. Our hourly rate is between £80-£100 depending on the artist. We can only give you a rough idea of how much a tattoo is going to cost though as there are quite a few factors which may increase the time it takes to apply the tattoo to your skin. Sometimes the skin can be tougher than normal, it may bleed or sweat more than expected or you may find that you cannot sit for very long on that particular day. You will be surprised at how the things you eat and drink, the amount of stress you’re under, how much sleep you’ve had and whether you are ill can actually effect how well your skin takes in the ink and heals afterwards! Also, if you have been given a guide price or an offer but the specifications of the tattoo changes, please understand that this may mean it will cost more. Please listen to your artist and ask questions if you are unsure.
  • I want a sleeve, how long will it take?
    Once again, this is a hard question to answer, do you want black and grey which takes less time than colour, do you want a highly detailed design or will it be mostly background shading with a few focus points? On average, a full sleeve will take around 4 days of 6 hours to complete, it will take at least 2 and could, in-fact, go up to as many as 10 days for certain styles! Skin can only take ink in at a certain speed, just try colouring in your whole arm with a sharpie pen to fully understand how big an area we are talking about!
  • Do you have gift cards?
    Of course we do! They can be made out for any amount and the gift card acts as proof of payment, the tattoo cannot be booked in or carried out without the gift card being present.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    Deposits are non-refundable. You need to take booking a tattoo seriously.
  • I’m not 18 yet, can I have a tattoo?
    We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18 so please do not ask, this is the law and has been enforced for your own benefit. If you look under 25 you will be required to provide identification to prove your age so if you’re young or are lucky enough to look younger than you are, please remember to bring some in or we will be unable to carry out your tattoo and you will lose your deposit.
  • I printed this design off Google, will you copy it?
    No! We are a custom studio and draw all designs from scratch, exceptions are made for generic logos or symbols.
  • Can I see my design before my appointment?
    Once you have paid a deposit, you are agreeing to our deposit terms. This states that you must let us know, 48 hours before your appointment, of design idea changes or if you need to move your appointment. We do not draw up designs until we are within that 48 hour window so that the deposit covers our drawing time. Due to our workload, this may mean that we draw up your design as late as the morning of your tattoo. We can try to send you the design before you arrive but we do not guarantee this. If you have provided us with adequate information, the design should be at least 80% perfect, minor changes can be done when you arrive for your appointment.
  • Can I completely change my design?
    as long as you let us know of your changes over 48 hours before your appointment this is fine. We may have to move your appointment or book in a second session if the changes require a longer appointment time. If you only tell us about these changes less than 48 hours before your appointment, it will be at the discretion of the artist as to whether you need to pay another deposit. If the artist has already spent the time drawing your previous idea they cannot be expected to draw another completely different design for you for free.
  • Why do I need to eat sugary things before a tattoo?
    Tattoos come with a certain amount of pain and discomfort, this puts your body in a state of fight or flight. This uses up a lot of energy. Without a good supply of sugar available in your body for this response, you will start to feel faint and shaky… In extreme cases this can lead to passing out, fits and vomiting! So, to be on the safe side, eat and drink as much as you can – it will make you feel 100% better than if you don’t!
  • Can I come in on a Sunday?
    Sunday appointments may be available but you need to discuss this with your artist.
  • Can I come in outside your opening times?
    Out of hour appointments may be available but you need to discuss this with your artist.
  • I don’t think my tattoo is healing properly.
    If after 2-3 days there are any areas of your tattoo that do not seem to be drying out at all, are still sore and possibly look like they are getting wetter, redder, or the skin seems to actually be breaking or cracking, please get in contact. Bacteria may have entered the wound during cleaning, your immune system may be struggling or the tattoo is in an area of constant movement or friction – in these instances, it is best for you to come into the studio at your earliest convenience for us to provide additional aftercare and advice.
  • I need to cancel my appointment, can I have my deposit back?
    You should take booking a tattoo seriously. Deposits are non-refundable. However, if you give us over 48 hours notice that you no longer wish to have the tattoo we can put your deposit onto a gift card which can be given to someone else.
  • Do gift cards run out?
    We will honour any giftcard you bring in, no matter how old it is. However, you do have to bring it in as it works the same as cash, if you lose the gift card, you lose its value.